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A sustainable future of solar power

MFES Solar Energy is a leading solar power solutions provider in Pakistan deals in top-tier products to deliver high performance solar customized solutions. Our products and solutions are made to meet all kind of solar needs for domestic, commercial and industrial consumers. We offer extensive consultation, permitting and installation services that produce remarkable results and transform the way you consume energy.


Our team of surveyors and installers are professional and experienced, unlike most Renewable Companies. We offer tailor-made solar solutions depending on customer location, electricity needs and prices. MFES Solar Energy aims to establish a cleaner, pollution free planet by revolutionizing the energy outlook of the world, one building at a time.

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residential solar soutions

Transform your home with tailored solar solutions. Our experts design and install custom On-Grid and Off-Grid systems...

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commerical solar solutions

Elevate your business with our cutting-edge commercial solar solutions. Our specialized team...

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Industrial Solar Solutions

Revolutionize your industry with our advanced industrial solar solutions. Our expert team specializes in crafting...

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Expert Team

Our company boasts a team of professionals proficient in designing and in panels.

Quality Products

We solely rely on top-tier, 100% A-grade products to guarantee the enduring reliability and longevity of your solar installations, ensuring consistent and dependable performance over time.

Tailored Solutions

Every project is customized to fit your needs, whether it's for residential, commercial, or industrial.

Cost Efficiency

Our solutions not only save on immediate costs but also provide long-term benefits through reduced energy bills,

Compliance & Safety

We adhere strictly to industry standards and safety protocols, ensuring compliant and safe installations.

Customer Satisfaction

Beyond installation, we prioritize ongoing support, maintenance, and customer satisfaction to ensure a hassle-free experience.


Harness Solar Power for a Brighter Future

MFES Solar Energy intends to transform the relationship between solar technology
sellers and buyers to revolutionize the energy sector and create convenience for you; the consumer.

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What People Say About Us

Muhammad AmjadMuhammad Amjad
08:49 25 Jul 23
majid shahmajid shah
08:10 09 Jul 23
Dr. Atif MajeedDr. Atif Majeed
06:19 07 Jul 23
I highly recommend MFES solar energy for solar installation. Their team displayed exceptional professionalism and honesty throughout the installation process. I recently had a 10kVA system installed by them, and I am extremely satisfied with the results. They were thorough in their work and delivered on their promises. From start to finish, their expertise and dedication were evident. If you are looking for a reliable solar installation provider, I confidently recommend MFES solar energy for their outstanding service.
Sohaire ImtiazSohaire Imtiaz
11:48 04 Jun 23
We got a 6.5Kw hybrid system installed from the company. The system is running smoothly. They have very prompt response time when it comes to after installation service.Recommended company.
Muhammad AdeelMuhammad Adeel
06:26 26 May 23
I am extremely impressed with the outstanding service provided by MFES Company. Their prompt response, attention to detail, and professionalism exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend MFES Company for their exceptional expertise and commitment to customer satisfaction.
Maj ShahidMaj Shahid
18:38 19 Feb 23
I got installed 15 kw on grid solar system from MFES and I am fully satisfied with the installation and performance of system. Their team is fully professional and cooperative. Keep it up 👍
Rehan QureshiRehan Qureshi
08:48 14 Dec 22
It took almost 1 year to do research on Solar Installation Services and Hardware Providers, I found MFES Solar the best among their competitors. Back in April 2022 they have installed 12.5 kw on grid solar system at my home in DHA Lahore. They gave me best advice according to my needs of solar system. They provide me the best quality of hardware and timely execution and completion with maximum system efficiency. Their Technical staff was highly trained and professional and above all their dealing with their customers shows their commitment and professionalism.Based on my knowledge and experience with them I strongly recommend MFES Solar.Good Luck MFES!

Answers to Your Questions

Installation times vary based on the system size and complexity. Typically, residential installations take a few days to a couple of weeks, while larger commercial or industrial setups might require more time.

Solar panels are generally low-maintenance. Regular inspections, cleaning, and ensuring no shading obstructs sunlight are recommended. Professional maintenance every few years can optimize performance.

In most cases, solar panels can be installed without major modifications to your roof. However, it’s best to consult with professionals to assess the condition and suitability of your roof.

Solar panels can still generate electricity on cloudy days, although at reduced efficiency compared to sunny days. They’ll still produce power as long as there’s daylight.

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